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ROC Archive is a regional audiovisual non-profit archive dedicated to the collection, preservation and accessibility of the region's audiovisual media as an artistic and historical record of our culture and heritage.

The region includes New York State, Connecticut, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

The archive focuses on newsreels, home movies, audio recordings, video recordings and all other audiovisual media and tools, digital and analog, still and moving, created to capture a region’s culture.

Our next Board meeting is March 2019.

Our diverse collections feature Kodacolor, Sonochrome, Kodachrome, other safety Kodak film stocks

films yet un-inspected in the archive and a plethora of digital born images and access materials

we also feature a mechanical collection of artifacts and a line of regularly engineered machines for transfers

we are working with others in our community in support of media preservation

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Glenn Galbraith

World News Featured Collection:

Amelia Earhart captured on home movie at the opening of Canastota, NY Airport on August 28, 1928. The reels also include early aviation icons Charles Lindbergh, Emilio Carranza and H. W. Trott of Hemlock, NY, owner of Hemlock Flying Service and "Avian" plane flown by Amelia Earhart.

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Initial Film Preservation: Kodak Engineers

"BISHOP June 6, 1926" (16mm) 

F.M. Bishop worked in the Development Department of Eastman Kodak during the early 20th century. He educated the "Air Scout" soldiers during WWI with the United States Signal Corps as a camera lens expert.

Mr. Bishop scratched his name and date into the emulsion of the film: June 6, 1926. The identity of who is in the film and where this film was made is unknown.

Mr. Bishop worked on a camera similar to the one used by Albert R. Stone to capture the 1919 Aerials of Rochester.

Digital copies of the aerials are still for sale at the bottom of the page.



Send us a message if you can help identify where this image was taken or who is in the image and become a lifetime member to Roc Archive!

Reinhard Collection (16mm)

Charles Robert Reinhard was a man of many talents. He was a tool and die maker and worked on a version of the Todd Protectograph, a device used to prevent check fraud.

He was married to Helen Mary Stone Reinhard who donated her family's glass plate negative collection of Rochester (1903-1936) of nearly 14,000 plates weighing in at nearly 3 tons to the Rochester Museum and Science Center. The Albert R. Stone Collection has been used in Ken Burns films as a record of our past.

These home movies from the 1940s and 1950s reveal images of the Reinhard's three daughters and their family move to California featuring the Rose Parade and their return to Rochester, NY.

Helen is Glenn Galbraith's grandmother, (that is me the author here, hi)

founder of Roc Archive.

Nearly 5 years ago I started media and film preservation after a 20+ year career in radio, television, film and video production both on closed sets and live broadcasts and a field at Woodstock 99.

After growing up with media,  a hand recorder at 12 years of age to directing news reports and a love for media, the path felt purposeful to what I am doing with the rest of my media career.

The images in the Reinhard Collection are captured on the Cine-Kodak (at right) and viewed by the family on the 1926 Kodascope Model B projector. If you would like to help preserve these films, please send us a message and we will contact you regarding your contribution, or click the donate button at the top of the page.

Our needs are the preservation of these artifacts via controlled environmental archive

with accessibility. 

Thank you for your support in any way. Our Board is helping this momentum along the way now.

Our public materials and records are accessible by appointment.

Message in the blue box below.



with a great collection...

A Great Collection:

Bob Hyatt has been an audio visual staple in Rochester since 1965. Hyatt Audio was located on Goodman St. and Park Ave. and sold hifi-high end stereo systems. It then became Hyatt Classic Video in 1982 in East Rochester. He and his wife Beverly graciously donated nearly 50,000 VHS tapes from their collection for all of us to share in our love of film as home-cinema experiences.


The Hyatt Legacy will continue in Rochester. This collection will be accessible to the public local and national; We will have a shipping program in our membership stratus.

More info to come after the next scheduled Board of Trustees meeting.

Next Meeting: March 2019

Still images for sale: "Stoney's" 1919 Aerials of Rochester

Roc Archive is home to the Stone Family Collection. Albert R. Stone was the first newspaper staff photographer in Rochester, NY (1903-1934). "Stoney", as he was called by many, including family members, captured these images using a Kodak A1 camera used for reconnaissance  during WWI. The air scouts were trained at Kodak park.

These 10"x14" images are $20/include shipping within 9 county area $25 national and $35 global.

To order a digital print of the images below:

send a message in the blue box at the end of the page.

A 10"x14" digital print will be shipped after you payment is received. 

(click the DONATE button at the top of the page to pay on-line)

All proceeds support new digital prints and the preservation of the original prints in the handling of Roc Archive.

Albert R. Stone



Earl F. Beers


South Clinton / Monroe Ave

with a drained winter canal

Alexander St and Meigs St

north east to Monroe Ave

New York Central Station

West Main

from the Four Corners

Downtown over

the 3rd Ward

Genesee Brewery

Looking north

Court Street Bridge

with the Erie and Lehigh Stations

Looking south along the river

with Mt. Hope and Plymouth Ave

The Armory